3 Keys For Managing Your Next Construction Project

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When you are trying to be diligent with any construction project you're putting together, you'll need to handle it piece by piece. The better you make decisions, put together a team, and plan out your schedule, the more fruitful every construction endeavor will be. By handling the strategies in this article, it is easier for you to handle any project that you are working on.  Hire skilled pros that have mastery over their specialties

12 December 2018

Divorce Around The Holidays – Tips For Making It Easier For The Kids

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So many couples put off divorce and separation because it's just not the right time. You know what – there will never be a perfect time to go through such a disruptive change in your family's life. If the upcoming holidays are giving you pause, don't. If you know in your heart that your marriage isn't good for anyone, don't put it off another day – that's not good for anyone.

3 November 2018

Potentially Unwanted Outcomes Of Fighting For Sole Custody

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When you get divorced and have children, your initial instinct might be to fight for sole custody of your kids. There are many scenarios in which sole custody is a good idea. For example, if your spouse has an addiction problem or is abusive, you should talk to your family law attorney about campaigning for sole custody of your children. People often pursue sole custody for the wrong reasons, though. If you're unhappy with your spouse and want to punish him or her, trying to get sole custody may be your chief priority.

26 September 2018

Workers' Compensation Is A No-Fault System… Or Is It?

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Workers' compensation insurance is often touted as a no-fault system that automatically compensates an employee injured in the workplace. Unfortunately, this isn't technically correct; there are a few terms and conditions that may deny you workers' compensation benefits depending on what caused your injury. Here are some cases where workers' compensation may not apply even if you are injured at work. Your Injuries Were Self-Inflicted Self-inflicted injuries are not compensated by workers' compensation; those are yours to bear.

20 August 2018

Worker's Comp Depositions: What To Know

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When you have problems with your workers' compensation insurance, it can seem overwhelming. You cannot work at your job, you are too hurt to work or enjoy your life, you are beginning to fall behind on your bills, and you are stressed-out to the max. If you're unsuccessful at getting your claim reconsidered through the appeals process you may need to take legal action against the insurer and part of the process is something known as a deposition.

17 July 2018

Life Is Fluid: Is Your Estate Plan Keeping Up?

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A full and comprehensive plan to deal with your affairs when you die is important, but this should not be thought of as one of those one and done things. When your life undergoes a change, you might need to adjust your estate plan too. Read on to learn about some milestones that might trigger a review of your will, trusts, deeds, and more. As your family grows and changes

18 June 2018

What to Know About Child Custody Petitions

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Are you in a situation where your child's mother or father is not married to you and not around? You should consider filing a child custody petition. While you think this is not necessary, the missing parent actually has the same amount of parenting rights as you if they ever decide to come back into the picture. Here are some things you should know about child custody petitions before you file your paperwork.

29 March 2018

Poor Communication Can Kill Your Case

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Good communication is important in every situation, and your personal injury case is no exception. Accident victims that have good communication lines with their attorney open the door to a more successful and less stressful settlement process. Don't let poor communication habits hinder your case. Attorney Ethics An attorney can act on the behalf of their clients, but there are ethical standards that put a limit on just how much leverage an attorney has.

29 March 2018

Mistakenly Arrested? What To Do

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Being arrested without committing a crime is terrifying. You may be coping with a great deal of fear and even if someone's gotten bail for you, your days and nights might be spent worrying. To get a handle on this unfortunate situation, use these post-arrest tips. Get a Lawyer Of course, you're likely already concerned about the quality of the legal support you'll receive. Before using an assigned public defender, consult a criminal and personal injury attorney in the area.

16 March 2018

After A Motorcycle Accident: What Not To Do When Dealing With Insurance Companies

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Getting into a motorcycle accident can be a terrifying experience. The first instinct, after getting medical treatment, is to look into how you can settle your damages, particularly if the accident was not your fault. It is best to contact a motorcycle accident law firm, but some individuals choose to contact the insurer of the party at fault. Doing this can be tricky, and it could jeopardize your final settlement. The following are some things you should never do when contacting an insurance company after a motorcycle accident:

12 February 2018