After A Motorcycle Accident: What Not To Do When Dealing With Insurance Companies

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Getting into a motorcycle accident can be a terrifying experience. The first instinct, after getting medical treatment, is to look into how you can settle your damages, particularly if the accident was not your fault. It is best to contact a motorcycle accident law firm, but some individuals choose to contact the insurer of the party at fault. Doing this can be tricky, and it could jeopardize your final settlement. The following are some things you should never do when contacting an insurance company after a motorcycle accident:

Do Not Allow Recordings

When you are contacting an insurance company, they may ask to record the conversation. Decline this offer. It is not required legally and can cause problems later on in the process. Do not feel pressured if they insist that they record the call. If it becomes a problem, have your attorney handle the correspondence from that point forward. Should your conversation come up while you are going through the claim, definitely consider a lawsuit. Recording without consent is not legal in many states.

Never Sign Anything Without Your Attorney's Approval

One of the worst things you can do is sign any document without having your attorney check it first. If you read through the documentation thoroughly, you may notice some very complicated legal jargon that will box you into a certain settlement figure. If you have undiscovered injuries or damages, this could prevent you from seeking further payments. Always run all documents through your attorney before signing them.

Do Not Get Overly Excited at the First Settlement Figure

Most all insurers are going to provide a lower settlement offer initially. Any large sum of money can look very attractive when you are dealing with medical bills and damages to your motorcycle. However, that figure may not be enough to cover all of your needs for the foreseeable future. If you require ongoing therapy for an injury you suffered in the accident, you may need a larger sum of money than what is initially offered. You should always have your attorney look at the settlement offer before you accept so that you are adequately compensated.

Going through a motorcycle accident can be a very traumatic experience for anyone, so dealing with an insurance company on your own is less than ideal. If you have questions or need assistance with your insurance claim, be sure to consult your attorney for any help.  


12 February 2018

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