Mistakenly Arrested? What To Do

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Being arrested without committing a crime is terrifying. You may be coping with a great deal of fear and even if someone's gotten bail for you, your days and nights might be spent worrying. To get a handle on this unfortunate situation, use these post-arrest tips.

Get a Lawyer

Of course, you're likely already concerned about the quality of the legal support you'll receive. Before using an assigned public defender, consult a criminal and personal injury attorney in the area. These professionals deal with the court all the time and can provide specialized advice that will help. If you were injured during your arrest or in your holding facility, it's wise to seek a criminal and personal injury attorney who can address those issues in addition to the reason you were detained. If cost is deterring you, bear in mind many lawyers will provide the opportunity to work out a payment plan.

Seek Personal Therapy

Constant worry and stress could make you less likely to perform daily responsibilities adequately or act in your own best interests. You may feel angry, irritable and not want to interact with anyone or do basic care duties for yourself. Seeking a therapist might be one of the best ways to handle this time. They can listen to your feelings and help you manage those while also recommending serious coping techniques you should be using. This assistance can keep you from spiraling out of control as you sit around waiting for trial dates. Therapy may also deter you from getting into further trouble.

Avoid Related Persons

Your innocence may prompt you to take actions that you really shouldn't. For example, meeting probable witnesses or visiting a friend still being held seems fine if you believe you've done nothing wrong. However, your lawyer is likely to advise you to keep away from any of the people or places that are related to your arrest. Not only could simple visits or talks you give the prosecution more to work with, but your interactions and appearances could stir up fights, arguments and other situations that could complicate your existing case. To protect yourself and your innocence, spend time with unrelated friends or family throughout this entire time.

After your life is upended by an arrest you didn't deserve, these suggestions could improve the present situation. Remain as calm as you're able and depend on your attorney for more guidance.


16 March 2018

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