Poor Communication Can Kill Your Case

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Good communication is important in every situation, and your personal injury case is no exception. Accident victims that have good communication lines with their attorney open the door to a more successful and less stressful settlement process. Don't let poor communication habits hinder your case.

Attorney Ethics

An attorney can act on the behalf of their clients, but there are ethical standards that put a limit on just how much leverage an attorney has. It's vital for accident victims to understand that an attorney can't speak for them or take an action without consulting their client and getting clear directions from their client first.

This ethical rule even exists when the attorney knows or has a good idea, what their clients wants to do. An attorney must always consult with their client first. With that being said, if an attorney is trying to contact you about a decision on your case, they can't move forward without your response, which will slow your case down. Keep your case progressing forward with good communication.

Insurance Deadlines

Insurance companies sometimes operate on a hurry up and weight speed. They want you to send in your information by a certain time, they sit on this information to formulate a decision, and then they come back demanding an immediate response on any settlement offer they extend.

If your communication channels are poor and you miss any settlement deadlines imposed by the insurance company, you will only extend the amount of time it takes for you to receive the compensation you desperately need and deserve. Whenever the insurance company reaches out to you, you should respond as quickly as possible.

Important Information

There is a lot of important information that gets passed around during an injury case. There is important information your medical doctor will need to determine your treatment plan and whether or not you can return to work. There are certain documents your attorney will require you to sign, and there is also essential information the insurance company will request.

When an accident victim has poor communication and either fails to rely this information or does so slowly, this doesn't just jeopardize the progression of their case, but it can also limit its value.

The success of your case will hinge partly on your ability to communicate effectively, so make sure you keep this goal throughout every facet of your case. Partner with a personal injury lawyer who shares your communication goals for greater success.


29 March 2018

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