Potentially Unwanted Outcomes Of Fighting For Sole Custody

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When you get divorced and have children, your initial instinct might be to fight for sole custody of your kids. There are many scenarios in which sole custody is a good idea. For example, if your spouse has an addiction problem or is abusive, you should talk to your family law attorney about campaigning for sole custody of your children. People often pursue sole custody for the wrong reasons, though. If you're unhappy with your spouse and want to punish him or her, trying to get sole custody may be your chief priority. What you might not be thinking of is the fact that sole custody can lead to some unwanted outcomes, especially when it's not warranted. Here are some examples.

Serious Damage To Your Relationship

For many couples who are divorcing, there's a considerable amount of contention that is present in the relationship. As such, it's relatively easy to fight for sole custody — but you may not think of how you could be making your relationship even more difficult. When it's clear that you've campaigned to keep your ex-spouse from having custody of your children, it's understandable for him or her to be extremely upset with you. Your actions can create deep wounds that are difficult or impossible to heal, which doesn't help anything.

Future Challenges With Child Support

It's problematic if you're fighting for sole custody of your children but you expect your ex-spouse to contribute some child support. Given that you've probably already made your ex upset through your efforts to keep him or her from getting custody, the spouse may not exactly be keen to provide child support — even if the court mandates it. This can lead to considerable turmoil and more legal affairs in the future as your spouse fails to provide child support.

Potential For Overwhelm

It's easy to think that you can successfully raise your children without any involvement from your ex-spouse, but as many single parents will tell you, this job is a difficult one. While you might feel energized to do your best at the start, the challenges of single parenting can eventually become daunting. This is especially true if you don't have family members in the area who can help you out. Over time, you might begin to regret your decision to fight so hard for sole custody — and wish that your ex was parenting your kids at least some of the time.


26 September 2018

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