What Does Retaliation Mean In American Law?

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The concept of retaliation is a rather striking one, and it can be challenging to picture how it fits into American law, especially if you are not a retaliation lawyer. However, it does make sense in the specific context of employment. Here is what a retaliation lawyer does and the types of cases they're likely to handle. Retaliation at the Workplace When someone talks about retaliation in the legal sense, they're almost always referring to workplace retaliation.

2 March 2021

Getting Compensated When You Are Hit By A Car Thief

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One type of accident that is a nightmare to deal with is if a car thief hit your vehicle. In most cases, you can't sue the other driver or their insurance company unless certain circumstances apply. Knowing the legal challenges and what you can do about them requires the assistance of a vehicle accident attorney. They can help determine if you can get compensated in any of the three ways listed below.

1 February 2021