Why Truck Drivers Struggle With Accident-Causing Fatigue

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Fatigue induces drowsiness, reduces reaction time, and impairs judgment. Fatigue effects are almost similar to intoxication effects. To prove driver fatigue after an accident, you may need to know why the driver was exhausted in the first place. Below are fatigue causes among truck drivers.

Inadequate Sleep

You need adequate sleep to feel energized and refreshed during your waking hours. Some truck drivers don't get adequate sleep because they work during the night. Other drivers engage in other activities when they should be sleeping. The result is that they resume truck driving the next day while still exhausted.

Long Working Hours

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road. The longer you drive, the more exhausted you become. The federal government regulates the number of hours each truck driver should work. For example, a truck driver should not exceed 60/70 hours within 7/8 consecutive days. However, some truck drivers exceed the prescribed hours to beat deadlines.

Inadequate Breaks

Truck drivers should also take short breaks to help them recharge. For example, your legs and arm may cramp, and you may feel drowsy after being on the road for hours. Again, federal regulations prescribe how often and how long each break should be. Those who don't take the necessary breaks are likely to be exhausted before reaching their destinations.

Disruptive Work Schedules

Your body has a biological clock that determines when you should sleep. Many people also require time to fall into peaceful sleep whenever they go to bed. Ideally, you should have a regular work schedule so that you can go to sleep at roughly the same time every day.

Unfortunately, some truck drivers have unpredictable work schedules that don't accommodate their biological clocks. Waking up at different hours every day, changing shifts irregularly, and maintaining different work hours all contribute to driver exhaustion.

Added Responsibilities

Some truck drivers do not just drive. They also help their employers with additional responsibilities. For example, some truck drivers help with truck loading and unloading. The additional responsibilities aggravate driving-related exhaustion. 

Medical Problems

Lastly, medical problems can lead to exhaustion of all drivers, including truck drivers. An example is sleep apnea, which interferes with sleep quality, which can leave you exhausted even after hours of sleep.

Hopefully, you won't be involved in a truck accident ever. However, matters beyond your control can make you a truck accident victim. Consult a truck accident lawyer to help you pursue damages if that happens.


17 September 2021

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