Injured in a Bar Brawl

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Going to bars is one of the common things that many people enjoy when they want to go see someone, especially when it comes to watching sports. Although it can be a nice mingling opportunity with different people and making new friends, being in the environment of a bar comes with people drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, sometimes people drink too much alcohol and begin to act out of character because they are not fully aware of their behavior. For example, someone who is drunk may get into an unnecessary dispute with someone else at the bar and get into a fight that causes an injury.

If you are the victim of such a brawl at a bar you were at, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and get compensated.

Getting Footage from the Bar Brawl 

One move that a lawyer might make to build your case against the person that injured you is to visit the bar where it took place. The reason for the visit will involve asking the bar owner for video surveillance footage of the attack if it is available. Video footage will not only allow the lawyer to see how the brawl started, but it can help them prove that you didn't do anything wrong. It is also possible that the lawyer will take statements from witnesses while they visit the bar for video footage. For example, people working at the bar might make good witnesses for your case.

Medical Treatment for Injuries

Did you have to visit the emergency room after the other party assaulted you during the bar brawl? If so, be prepared to speak to your lawyer about what happened during your emergency room visit, such as the type of treatment that was necessary. You might also need to give them your medical records so they can be added to your case file as evidence against the other party. Even if you didn't seek medical treatment but have photographs that were taken on the night of the incident, your lawyer might need them so you can get compensated for the assault.

Making Contact with the Other Party

If you attempt contacting the other party on your own, it can be a disaster that leads to another dispute. A lawyer can make contact on your behalf to keep everything at a cordial level. The lawyer will basically let the other party know that you have a case against them. 

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29 April 2021

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