Unsure About A Prenup? Questions You Need To Consider


If you are getting married soon, one important thing to think about is a prenuptial agreement, especially if one or both of you are bringing significant assets to the relationship. While this is not the most fun thing to think about in the flurry of wedding planning, it is a crucial step to take in order to protect your wealth. The following are some questions to think about when deciding whether or not to get a prenuptial agreement:

30 August 2016

Handling Car Accident Claims Involving Children


Whether you are involved in a car accident with your child inside of the vehicle or you have a teenager under the age of eighteen who was involved in an accident while driving, the law protects children in cases where injuries have occurred. Since a minor cannot represent themselves in court, it's important to understand how this type of accident claim works. Here is some important information all parents need to know about handling an injury claim involving a child.

9 March 2016

Nailing Down A Number In Personal Injury Settlements


In many personal injury cases, a particular amount of money in a court award or settlement is the ultimate goal. Here are some ways that personal injury lawyers evaluate settlement offers. Adding Up Costs One of the things that an injury lawyer might do when called upon to advance a client's interests in court is to add up all of the likely or potential costs of an injury over time and present these to the client to try to figure out a meaningful amount of settlement money to request.

7 October 2015

Three Steps To Take Before Contacting A Slip And Fall Attorney


During a bone-rattling slip and fall in public, it may be difficult to keep in mind the long-term effects your next few actions may have. Although you should contact a slip and fall attorney (such as one from Putnam Lieb) when it is convenient and plausible to do so, there are also steps you can take even before communication has been established. For the best chance at setting up a good case, you can try these three steps before contacting your attorney.

29 May 2015

Important Steps To Take After Suspecting Nursing Home Neglect


When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you expect them to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, and neglect may be a possibility. To deal with nursing home neglect, you can take these steps: Understand the Different Types of Neglect Before doing anything drastic, it's important to first know what the different types of neglect are. That way, you don't end up accusing a nurse or physician for neglecting your loved one when they were just following protocol.

23 April 2015

How Will A Bankruptcy Affect Your Reverse Mortgage?


Whether you're contemplating filing for bankruptcy protection or have already begun the process, you may be wondering how a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will affect your ability to qualify for a reverse mortgage. If you already have a reverse mortgage on your home, you may be wondering whether you'll be required to give back some of the funds already received. Read on to learn more about how reverse mortgages are treated in a Chapter 7 discharge or a Chapter 13 repayment plan:

25 March 2015

Can Parental Rights Be Terminated For Failure To Pay Child Support?


If you're recently divorced, and have primary custody of your minor children, you may be concerned about financially providing for their future. Although you may be awarded child support from your ex-spouse, this support can only help you if it is actually paid. What can you do if your ex-spouse refuses to support your children? Are you able to petition for termination of his or her visitation or parental rights? Read on to learn more about how this situation may be handled.

19 February 2015

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?


You may have heard the term "class action lawsuit" but might not know what it means. A class action suit is one where a lot of people, or class, sue one particular person or company. There are several reasons why this may happen.  Common Reasons for Class Action Lawsuits One common reason that a class action suit gets filed is because of reactions to medications. For example, if a lot of people have suffered from adverse reactions or died because of a particular medication, they or their family may file a lawsuit against the company who manufactured the medication.

3 February 2015

How You Can Save Money On A Corporate Attorney


It is common knowledge that hiring an attorney can be expensive. Sadly, because of this, many small businesses choose not to have legal counsel in attempts to save money. This can hurt them in the long run and can actually cost them more if they get sued. For this reason, it is important that small businesses have an attorney that they use to handle their legal needs. Here are a couple ways that you can save money when hiring a corporate attorney, such as Strauss Troy.

27 January 2015

Denied Social Security? Back Up Your Claim With Digital Evidence


The Social Security Disability system can be unintentionally difficult for legitimate sufferers in need of financial assistance. In order to keep funds available for deserving applicants and reduce fraud, only the most exacting or obvious disability applications should be accepted. If you feel that you've been swept up in an overzealous denial policy, consider a few techniques to enhance your claim's worthiness at the claims office. Fill In The Gaps Faster With Mobile Devices

15 January 2015