Denied Social Security? Back Up Your Claim With Digital Evidence


The Social Security Disability system can be unintentionally difficult for legitimate sufferers in need of financial assistance. In order to keep funds available for deserving applicants and reduce fraud, only the most exacting or obvious disability applications should be accepted. If you feel that you've been swept up in an overzealous denial policy, consider a few techniques to enhance your claim's worthiness at the claims office.

Fill In The Gaps Faster With Mobile Devices

If you've been denied Social Security compensation, don't throw away your old materials. The information on hand may be perfectly fine, but you may need supporting information to make a more reliable claim.

Gathering information can be difficult, especially if you're typing long letters or filling out a lot of forms. Instead, open an appeal and begin building a digital storage of supporting information. If something is missing from your claim that Social Security needs for proper filing, you can fill in those gaps using mobile devices on the go.

Using a printer with a scanner, scan your old documents and save them to reliable storage spaces. Don't just keep the information on one computer; email the information to a social security disability attorney, trusted friends and family members or even make secondary email accounts to send the information to yourself.

If the claims office needs information, you can quickly and easily send what they need without having to get to your computer. If the computer breaks down, you'll have a version of the information available on the Internet for easy retrieval.

Use Video Evidence To Support Your Claim

Mobile devices offer another great benefit when it comes to recording evidence. Paperwork may not always show the severity of some issues; you may have a physical disability that is severe and requires another medical professional for examination.

Unfortunately, the social security claims office can't simply take your doctor's word for it. Their own medical professional partners will need to review the information. Instead of waiting for a cursory medical visit for basic information that can be confirmed at a glance, have a medical team record your medical visits.

Ask your doctor or medical team for permission to record a video from a mobile device. If they know in advance, medical professionals can develop a plan for an efficient, flowing survey of your medical problem while putting the camera's focus on the important area.

With the evidence on a mobile device, you can easily send the information to a Social Security claims handling email address for later review. Videos are not required, but they can assist everyone involved in the process to move your claim to the next step faster.

For help with developing a comprehensive disability claim, contact a social security disability lawyer at Cohen & Siegel LLP or another firm.


15 January 2015

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