Important Steps To Take After Suspecting Nursing Home Neglect


When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you expect them to be treated fairly. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen, and neglect may be a possibility. To deal with nursing home neglect, you can take these steps:

Understand the Different Types of Neglect

Before doing anything drastic, it's important to first know what the different types of neglect are. That way, you don't end up accusing a nurse or physician for neglecting your loved one when they were just following protocol.

One of the more common types of neglect is emotional neglect. This is when your loved one is repeatedly left alone and is not cared for. Personal hygiene neglect is when the nurse doesn't help clean the patient, do their laundry, brush their teeth or create a clean environment. Other types of neglect include medical and basic needs neglect, which means the nurse doesn't provide things like food and water. 

Monitor the Warning Signs of Neglect

After understanding what the different types of neglect are, you need to know the warning signs of these abuses. Otherwise, the neglect will continue to happen and your family member will be miserable. Start by monitoring your loved one's behavior. If they seem more quiet than usual, or seem to have more anxiety, this should draw up a red flag.

More obvious signs of neglect include sudden weight loss, dehydration, bedsores over the body, changes in personal hygiene and environment hazards. These hazards include poor lighting, unsafe furniture and slippery floors. If any of these signs of neglect are present in the nursing home, you should contact the police and hire an attorney.

Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

After finding out that your family member has been neglected in a nursing home, the most important thing you can do is contact a neglect attorney. This professional will gather all of the appropriate evidence, such as pictures of the physical neglect or of the nursing home itself.

These lawyers have access to paralegals, professionals who can gather evidence in an efficient manner. Your attorney handles all of the paperwork, so the process doesn't have to drag out for your family. With the help of one of these professionals, you can get financial compensation for everything that your family member had to go through.

If one of your family members is being neglected in a nursing home, these steps are important to take. They will help you respond in an apt manner, so your family member can live a great, stress-free life again. If you're looking for a nursing home neglect attorney, visit Large & Associates Attorneys.


23 April 2015

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