Creating A Will? Ensure You Do These 3 Things To Avoid Problems

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A will is among the most critical estate planning documents because it helps avoid inheritance-related disputes among your loved ones. Unfortunately, some people don't think they need it, so they die without one, which is a great mistake. It's always important to outline what each of your beneficiaries will get because estate distribution may not be as easy as you think. But even as you make a living will, you should be careful because a simple or slight mistake could cost your beneficiaries a lot. Here are three things you should do when creating a will.

Decide What Each Beneficiary Gets

You have to make several decisions when creating a will to avoid problems. First, you should list all your assets, including digital ones like credit cards, digital music libraries, email accounts, and cryptocurrency wallets. Then, decide who will get what because more problems could arise when this doesn't happen. Actually, you risk a lot if you don't specify what each beneficiary receives because some may want to get more than others or everything if possible. If you have minors, choose a guardian and outline what they will get when the right time comes.

Seek Professional Help

Some people create a will without involving a professional or legal representative, which is quite dangerous. Most people prefer the DIY route because it's cheap, not knowing it could be too costly in the long run. You need a professional eye when making a will to help you identify possible legal pitfalls and avoid them. People who don't seek professional guidance make mistakes or errors that lead to complicated legal battles. The good thing about working closely with a lawyer is that they can answer all your questions and address your concerns in a professional way. They also help you review the draft, finalize it, and recommend when updating it might be necessary.

Ensure Proper Execution

Creating a will is critical, but you must ensure it's properly executed to uphold its validity. This means you must sign it properly, perhaps in front of two witnesses. It might be hard to prove its validity if you didn't involve any witnesses. Witnesses play a crucial role because they testify that the will is indeed yours. However, ensure you choose witnesses who meet the requirements because the law indicates what one needs to qualify to be a witness. A lot of things could go wrong if the will is not correctly executed. 

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12 January 2023

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