How To Prove The Negligence Of A Driver In A Bicycle Accident

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A bicycle is a favorable mode of transport since it can maneuver heavy traffic during rush hours. However, sharing the road with large automobiles puts you at risk of being involved in a collision, which could make you sustain severe injuries. Luckily, you are entitled to compensation if you're involved in an accident caused by a negligent motorist. But you should consider enlisting the services of a personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive maximum payment for your damages. They will raise the following facts to prove that the driver who knocked you down was at fault.

The Wrongdoer Was Not Careful When Driving

Every road user should be careful to safeguard drivers, pedestrians, and riders from harm. Any individual who acts negligently is accountable for their errors. For instance, a person who acts irresponsibly and causes a road accident is liable for the damages. Therefore, if a motorist knocks you down, you can take legal action against them. 

In this case, your lawyer will prove that the driver was not careful and acted contrary to how a normal person would. Besides, the driver had a duty to ensure that you and other road users were safe, but they never adhered to it. In this case, your attorney will have a ground to request the judge for harsh punishment against the negligent motorist.

The Wrongdoer Is Fully Responsible for Your Injuries

It is not uncommon for the defendant to deny the responsibility for the accident even when your lawyer provides sure-fire proof. They may acknowledge that they made a mistake but distance themselves from your damages to avoid compensating you. For instance, they can argue that you had the injury even before they knocked you down. As such, they'll want you to drop the claim. 

You must provide evidence proving that the defendant's actions caused your injuries to get compensation. Your legal advisor will help you get all the information you need. They will visit the accident scene to talk to eyewitnesses who saw the defendant knocking you down. Then, they will ask the eyewitnesses to record statements explaining how they saw the at-fault driver hitting you. Video footage from cameras around the area where the accident happened will also be useful in proving fault. 

Working with a personal injury lawyer is an excellent idea after encountering a bicycle accident. Your lawyer will raise some pertinent issues to demonstrate the careless behavior of the at-fault party.


8 June 2022

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