3 Factors to Consider Before a Company Partners with a Drug Testing Service

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Depending on the nature of your business's operations, it may be common practice to require all new hires and existing employees to submit to drug testing. However, just because this step is the norm, it does not mean you want to partner with just any drug testing service to perform this step for you. You want to partner with a testing service that checks all the right boxes for both your company and the employees you hire. 

1. Location

Any person you hire or that is currently employed by your company is likely already aware of the fact that they will have to travel to a drug testing site. However, this information does not mean that they will be okay with visiting a site far across town. 

Employees may be less apt to test when initially required if they have to travel far. To increase the likelihood that your staff maintains testing deadlines, aim to choose a facility that is in the same general area as your business location or one that has several testing sites throughout the area.

2. Testing Methods

Drug tests can be administered with a variety of samples, including blood, hair, salvia, and urine collection. All methods can produce accurate results, but some methods have higher detection rates. As a result, some labor industries require a specific type of drug test to be administered for the individual to work in the industry or maintain special licensing. 

For example, to work in the healthcare industry, only urine tests may be deemed suitable because of their extensive detection. Review the industry standards for your business and ensure the facility can meet the requirements to avoid licensing issues.

3. Privacy Compliance

Again, the drug testing requirement is likely well known by your team of employees, but it is important that you do your part to protect your interest while they submit to a drug test to protect yours. A part of this pledge involves partnering with a drug testing facility that is privacy compliant. 

For instance, a drug testing service that only uses secure methods for transmitting test results is one privacy compliance factor to consider. With this type of service, employees will feel more confident submitting to the test. 

If you have questions about the services the testing center provides, it is always best to ask questions. Be sure to speak with someone to address any concerns you have before you commit to partnering with a facility.

For more information, turn to a company such as A-1 Fingerprinting and Drug Screening.  


4 May 2022

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