With Bus Crashes, Auto Accident Claims Can Become Complicated

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Buses carry both students and commuters every year. They are large and heavy machines that typically do not require seatbelts. School buses keep their passengers high off the ground. If you believe you are injured after a bus accident, there may be a way that a personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Roll-Over Bus Accidents

One type of accident that is much more common with buses is the roll-over accident. For example, a commercial truck might plow into the side of the bus. When the passengers are tossed around inside the bus, they can suffer much more severe injuries. Also, buses lack airbags to protect passengers from roll-over accidents.

When Another Motorist Is Responsible

Because of the injuries you might suffer due to a bus accident, it's essential that you speak with a personal injury attorney who has experience with bus accidents. You will need to determine who is at fault for the bus accident. For example, if the other driver is entirely at fault for the accident, you will want to simply file a claim against the motorist. For example, in the case of a commercial truck hitting your bus, you will be able to file a claim with the commercial truck insurance provider. Fortunately, these policies have much higher limits and you'll not have to worry as much about reaching the cap.

When the Bus Driver Is Responsible

If the bus driver is responsible, you will especially want to hire a personal injury lawyer because it's much harder to seek compensation from bus drivers who are government employees. Bus drivers are sometimes at fault because they work odd hours and may be fatigued. This can lead to the driver making a mistake.

Filing personal injury claims with government bodies are more complicated and you will also need to do so within a specific time frame. The amount that you may be compensated will be limited as well since governments are less likely to compensate claimants for non-economic damages. 

You will need to write a statement of your intention to claim damages for your injuries. You must write a description of the time and situation that lead to your need to file an accident claim. You must explain the nature of your losses. Also, remember to include your name and address. If you're not sure if you've filed all your paperwork properly, consult with a personal injury attorney.

For more information, reach out to a personal injury lawyer in your area.


30 July 2020

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