3 Tips To Help You With Your Workers' Compensation Claim

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If you're injured from an accident that happened at the workplace, you'll need workers' compensation to help get you back on your feet financially. Here are a few tips about workers' compensation that you may not be aware of that can help you be treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve.

You Can Be Examined By Your Own Doctor

One of the limitations of workers' compensation is that you are told that you need to be evaluated by one of the approved doctors as part of the workers' compensation policy. While it may seem odd, think of it as having your car repaired and having to go to an approved body shop to get the work done. In addition, your employer should be the one to provide you with a list of doctors that you must visit for the diagnosis to be approved. This may leave you wondering if you believe the doctor's diagnosis since there may be some bias in what they say. 

Be aware that your state has laws that allow you to visit a doctor of your choice in certain situations. You may have to be on workers' compensation for a certain amount of months and have a long term injury before it is allowed, but there are exceptions that allow you to have your own doctor evaluate you. Make sure you work with your lawyer to understand the laws in your state and when you can do it. 

You Can Be Reimbursed For Mileage 

An injury is going to cause a lot of unnecessary visits to the doctor that you otherwise would not have to do. Many people are unaware that you can actually be reimbursed for the mileage on your car to travel to all these appointments. This is especially important if you have to visit a specific doctor that is farther away than your personal doctor, making the trip inconvenient. Don't assume that your mileage is something too petty to ask for, especially when you are the one that was injured at your workplace. 

You Will Receive Compensation Checks That Are Capped Based On Previous Earnings

You may feel a bit in the dark about how much you will receive in workers' compensation while you are recovering from your injury. Know that each state has its own laws regarding how many previous weeks of pay your compensation is based on, and what that pay is capped at. It is common to have a maximum amount of workers' compensation that is allowed, no matter how much you made previously. However, keep in mind your benefits will also be based on a percentage of your salary at the time of the injury.

For more information, contact a workers' compensation lawyer in your area.


2 July 2020

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