Why A Dog Bite Case May Trigger High Damages

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Dog bite cases may look simple, but some of them can attract relatively serious damages. Below are some of the reasons for such high damages.

Health Complications

Medical bills form a significant portion of most personal injury cases, and dog bites are no exception. A minor dog bite may require nothing more than antibiotic treatment. However, complications may arise if:

  • The bite gets infected
  • An infected dog bites you
  • You have an existing medical condition, such as liver disease, that has lowered your immunity
  • The dog damages a nerve

In such cases, you will need extensive and expensive treatment. The treatments will increase your medical bills and your overall damages. 

High Income

In addition to medical bills, lost wages and loss of earning capacity also form a significant part of dog bite damages. These damages depend on your income and earning capacity. Thus, lost damages and earning capacity can translate to serious damages if you have a high-income job.

Say you run a consultancy business that nets you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Suppose a complicated case of dog bite forces you to spend a month in the hospital. In such a case, you many want to look for legal representation as the defendant could be required to compensate you for the lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Permanent Disfigurement

Legal representation may also help you charge for expensive damages if the bite leaves you significantly and permanently disfigured. For example, infections or deep bites can leave you scarred for life. Nerve damage can leave you paralyzed. In either case, the defendant could be required to compensate you for the permanency of your injuries. The compensation can significantly raise your damages. The extent and size of the disfigurement can increase your damages even further.

Child Victim

Lastly, a dog bite case with a child victim may also attract more damages than that with an adult victim. Cases involving minors tend to attract expensive damages for multiple reasons. For one, adults owe children a high duty of care since kids cannot fend for themselves. In addition, the public (reflected in juries) tend to be sympathetic to child victims. Thus, any leniency the judge or jury might have shown to a defendant disappears if the victim is a child.

The expenses from a dog bite can be significant, and legal representation can help you get compensation. List all the damages the dog bit has caused you to get the full value of your case. A personal injury lawyer can help you with the valuation of your case.

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20 March 2020

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