Tip To Help Cope With A Lawsuit That You Are Faced With And Increase Your Odds Of Winning

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If you are faced with a lawsuit due to an accident that occurred on the rental property where you live and you feel as if you are not at fault, the following tips may help you cope with the situation at hand and increase your odds of winning the legal battle. 

Keep In Close Contact With Your Lawyer And Follow Their Advice

Hire a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Speak to several attorneys in order to find one who you feel comfortable with. You can research attorneys online or receive a listing by calling the lawyers bar association in your state. Once you have obtained an attorney, stay in close contact with them so that you are aware of any legal proceedings that you will be faced with in the near future.

Write down information in a notebook pertaining to your case and any advice that your lawyer provides you with. Treat your lawyer as your closest confidant during the legal process and ask them questions if you are confused about how your case is being handled or what the outcome of the situation will be. By staying informed, you will feel in control and won't be as worried prior to your court date.

Obtain Evidence And Seek Witnesses

Take pictures of the property that you live on. Since you rent your residence from another individual, photographs may help prevent you from being at fault if they show that repairs weren't made that may have contributed to the accident.

Obtain signed affidavits from any people who witnessed what occurred on your property. Ask each person if they would be willing to testify on your behalf during your court hearing. If so, their testimony may help strengthen your case and prove that you are not the person at fault. Of course, before you go ahead and gather statements and witnesses, consult with your lawyer to make sure that they agree with what you will be attempting to do.

Do Not Sign Any Documents Or Make A Deal

If the other party's attorney contacts you and requests that you sign legal documents or make a deal concerning the case, politely refuse. If you sign anything without your lawyer present, you may be forfeiting your chance of winning and may be admitting guilt to a situation that does not involve you. Tell the person who contacts you that you will gladly provide the information to your attorney and contact them at a later date, regarding the request that they have made. 

Remain as calm as possible throughout the legal battle and follow the course of action that your lawyer describes to you. Soon, the unfortunate legal situation will be behind you and you can move forward with your life in an optimistic manner. 


8 July 2016

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