Steps To Take If Your Child Gets Injured By A Bully On The School Bus

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If your child had an incident occur on the bus where they come home with a bad injury due to recurring bullying, you will want to take the necessary steps in having the situation handled so this activity ceases altogether. You may also want to press charges against the child who had caused the injury in an attempt to receive compensation to pay for your child's medical bills. Here are some steps you should take immediately after your child shows up at home with injuries due to a bully on the bus.

Get To The Hospital

Bring your child to the hospital to be evaluated by a professional. Make sure you have documentation from the doctor on duty discussing what the injuries were and how they were treated. This will be needed to prove your child was indeed hurt enough to have medical intervention.

Call The School

Alert the school that there was an incident on the bus and that you are worried about the welfare of your child while they are riding it. They may direct you to the transportation department to handle the situation; however, be adamant in getting results from the principal as well.

Inform the school that you would like to discuss the matter as you feel it is a serious situation where the other child should be held responsible for their actions. They may call in the other child's parents to discuss the incident to come up with a suitable punishment. At this time, indicate to the parents that you feel they should pay for the medical bills. Ask that the bully is separated from your child on the bus so there is less chance of a repeat occurrence. 

Call An Attorney

If the injuries your child sustained were substantial, and if your meeting with the school did not give favorable results regarding the party who had caused the injury, you may want to call an attorney to handle the matter. They will file charges against the bully in an attempt to collect funds from the parents to use toward your child's medical bills.

Get Witnesses

To prove that your child was injured because of another child, witnesses would be very helpful. Most buses have security cameras inside. Ask to see footage of the ride where your child was hurt to prove the other child caused the injury. You may see other children near your child during the incident. Ask the bus service for a list the names of these children. Make phone calls to their parents to see if the child had seen anything happen on the day of the incident.

If a child speaks up about the incident, ask the parents if they could write you a report with a summary of what the child had seen. This can be used in court to help prove your child was bullied.

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4 March 2016

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