3 Types Of Divorces

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When it comes to the end of your marriage, this may be a difficult time. The numerous amount of changes that will occur can be overwhelming. Some of these may include financial changes, living arrangements and child custody problems if children are involved. It's ideal to prepare for a divorce as much as possible beforehand and by knowing some of the most common ones selected may be beneficial to you. 

Type #1: Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse don't jointly agree the marriage should end, you may have to file for a contested divorce. This is a much more challenging type of divorce to obtain and could take longer than some of the other types.

Listed below are some disadvantages of a contested divorce:

1. Your legal fees may be much higher because of not agreeing to the divorce.

2. The court will most likely determine who gets the assets and property in the marriage.

3. You may be required to miss work and spend a lot of time at the attorney's office or courthouse to get your case settled.

Type #2:  Uncontested Divorce

On the other hand, one of the simplest ways to end the marriage is by getting an uncontested divorce. This is when both parties agree that divorce is the best answer, and it's time to file legally the papers.

In some cases, you may not need to appear in court for this divorce and your lawyer can take care of the details of it for you.

Type #3:  At-fault Divorce

There are situations in a marriage when one of the spouses does things that are considered to be bad behavior and could end the legal union. If one of the spouses has the proof of this to take to court, an at-fault may be the divorce type selected.

Listed below are common causes of this divorce:

1.  Infidelity – When one of the married couples has sexual intercourse with another person, this is the reason for an at-fault divorce.

2.  Incarceration – If one of the spouses is forced to spend time behind bars, this could be a reason to end the marriage.

3.  Abuse – Being physically harmed by your spouse is reason enough to get an at-fault divorce.

The emotional challenges of getting a divorce are many and should be well prepared for in advance. Knowing the divorce type that is right for you is sure to be helpful. Be sure to consult with a divorce attorney in your area (such as the Law office of Kristine A. Michael, P.C.) to learn the full details and requirements for each divorce type. 


21 September 2015

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