Proving You Are Disabled May Be Harder Than You Think: Getting From Denied To Approved For Social Security Disability Benefits

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When you are no longer able to work, you can apply for social security disability benefits. While you may feel terrible, and be unable to complete any meaningful work, proving that you are disabled may be harder than you think. If the disability is recent, or you have not sought treatment for your disability, it is likely that you will be denied benefits when you first apply.

Medical Treatment is the Key to Proving You are Disabled

If you are in pain, or you have a significant problem that is prohibiting you from working, you must seek medical treatment. Your doctors will be the ones verifying that you are disabled to social security, and if you don't have any treatment providers, it's impossible for social security to approve your claim. Although many people who are truly disabled don't go to their doctor because they don't want to complain, it is critical to your application that you go to your doctor and let them know the problems you are having.

Trying to Tough it Out Isn't Going to Help Your Claim

Most people don't want to admit that they are disabled. While it makes sense to work as long as you can, toughing it out and working when you really shouldn't be isn't really a good idea. The longer you work with an injury or illness, the more you are proving that your illness or injury is not disabling to you. You must stop working completely before you file for social security benefits and remain out of work while you are receiving treatment. Going in and out of work is only going to make your social security disability claim more complex.

Work with a Qualified Attorney

Most people decide that they no longer want fight for social security disability on their own. If you are tired, and you no longer have the strength to fight your claim, it's time to meet with a qualified disability attorney, like Bruce K Billman, that can discuss your case with you. When you go to your initial consultation, bring all pertinent application information with you, including any denial paperwork. Gather up any medical records that you may have that support your disability claim, so that the attorney can look over your records to see if you have a viable case.

If you are disabled and no longer able to work, you are entitled to social security disability benefits. While this may take time and effort, working closely with an attorney will help you navigate this complicated system easier.


12 August 2015

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