3 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Share A Divorce Lawyer


Are you and your spouse considering divorce, but are worried because of the high costs involved? If so, you might be able to save money on your divorce by sharing a lawyer, but this is not always the best option. Here are three things to consider before making the decision to share a lawyer, and it is best to really think about these things beforehand.

Understanding of Rights

The very first thing to know about sharing a lawyer is that this decision will result in having a lawyer that is simply there to complete the legal paperwork. Your lawyer may be able to give advice and help you with the questions you have, but the lawyer will not necessarily look out for your best interests.

If you have no idea how divorce works or what your rights are, sharing a lawyer might not be the best route for you. You may end up agreeing to a settlement that benefits your spouse much more than you, and this is something you could avoid by having your own lawyer.

Division of Assets

The second thought to consider is whether you and your spouse are able to mutually agree to a settlement. When you share a lawyer, he or she could offer tips and suggestions for dividing assets, but the lawyer will most likely expect you and your spouse to come up with an agreement on your own.

Dividing assets is not always an easy task, especially when spouses have very different ideas about things. If you and your spouse are not amicable towards each other, coming up with a plan together may not be an option that will work well.

Child-Related Issues

The final issues that are really important is the issues relating to your children. Can you and your spouse agree on who will get custody? Can you agree on a child support amount? There are a lot of issues surrounding children during a divorce, and getting the results you hoped for might be one of the most important issues of your entire divorce.

If you want to save money by sharing a divorce lawyer, make sure that you fully understand these three issues before agreeing to it. If you discover that this option is not the best for you, hire your own lawyer. You can interview several lawyers before hiring one that seems like the best for your case, and you should spend some time thoroughly searching for one that will help you the most.

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5 January 2015

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