3 Reasons You Should Never Handle A Divorce Without A Lawyer

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Before you assume that you can simply agree upon the terms of your divorce with your spouse and avoid the cost of a divorce lawyer, it's good to think about how these professionals can help to protect your rights and the rights of your children through the process. Most people have little knowledge of the laws that affect them during the divorce process and may find that they face serious consequences because of this down the road.

Consider three reasons why you should never handle a divorce without a lawyer, no matter how amicable you and your spouse seem to be to each other through the process.

1. The laws regarding spousal support have changed

In most areas it's no longer a common practice that the woman gets the house and half of her husband's paycheck after a divorce. If a woman is working or is able to work, the law usually greatly reduces the amount of support she gets, if anything at all. If there is equity in the home she may also need to share that amount with her husband. These things are usually determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the financial circumstances of both spouses.

Rather than assuming what either spouse would be entitled to under the law, it's good to speak with an attorney who can explain how the laws work today so you know you're both protected financially during a divorce.

2. You may be neglecting to address future changes to your situation

When spouses handle their own divorce agreement, they typically write out that agreement according to their current situation. However, what if one of you loses a job or sees their paycheck greatly reduced? What if one of you wants to move out of state? Failing to address these things in a divorce decree can complicate the arrangement down the road. A good lawyer is accustomed to how circumstances often change after a divorce and can ensure these things are addressed in an agreement.

3. You may be overlooking details about child custody and support

When it comes to child custody, you may think that you can simply spell out which spouse gets the children during which days and how much one spouse will pay to another for support, but there are other details you may be overlooking. For example, who pays for their medical insurance? What about medical bills not covered by insurance? Will one spouse save for their college education? A good divorce attorney will know these types of scenarios are common with a divorce and will ensure they're covered in your decree, protecting both spouses and the children as well.

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30 December 2014

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